2022 Cloth Calendar

My last calendar!

42 Years 1981 – 2022

In 2021 I made the decision to stop making the calendars. I was getting to old to lift the huge rolls of cotton. The screen was made of heavy wood and an upper body work out every time it had to be moved. 

The people who worked with me for many years wanted to retire too. Many thanks to Heather who sewed calendars for over 20 years! And Willeen who took the calendars after I printed them and hung them up. She was a big part of quality control. I miss working with them both, but am happy to say they are still my friends.

Last but not least during the Covid crisis, the price of cotton and transportation costs went crazy. To top it all of, they no longer make the ink I like to use. So it was a confluence of many things, that brought on my decision to stop making the calendars. I miss making them, but in a nice way.

Thank you to everyone who purchased my calendars. I appreciate your support through the years.